Sunset at the frisbee golf course.
Sunset at the frisbee golf course

What’s new, Muscatine?

Our community has been powered by the burning of coal for almost 100 years. This fact has left some individuals with health issues related directly or indirectly with the combustion of this fossil fuel. But good news! Our community’s energy leaders at Muscatine Power and Water (MPW) have decided that, due to mounting environmental regulation pressures and the cost of both fuel and updates, it’s time to decommission our coal plants. This means that we have to find something else to power our city by 2028 or else get all of our energy straight from the grid, a very unpopular option since it means being at the mercy of market ebb and flow.

Unfortunately, MPW says that they plan on replacing our coal plants with mostly fossil gas and a little solar. We feel this decision is premature due to the changing political climate and the possibilities behind the Build Back Better Plan and the fact that the burning of fossil fuels is the biggest known cause of the climate crisis.

What they want to build.

Photo by Lou00efc Manegarium on Pexels.com

What we want them to build.

Photo by Freedom Malik-R

Latest News from CLAM

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Energy Efficiency That MPW Recommends

If you go onto Muscatine Power and Water’s website and search for information on energy efficiency you will eventually come to (this page). A huge list of options for residential, industrial or public customers can be found here. Let’s look a little closer at a few of the options that MPW recommends. Energy Efficient Windows…

The Choose Green Program

Every citizen under the Muscatine Power & Water umbrella has the choice to be powered with wind and solar instead of coal. At 25, 50, or 100% of your energy supplied with renewables for an additional penny per kilowatt hour, this program is quite affordable. The average household spends another $8/month for the Choose Green…

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