The Muscatine Pollinator Project

Another banger of a program for Muscatine citizens. If you love pollinators and other bugs, or if you love native flowers and plants, or you have a boring yard that you want to beautify with color and longevity, this is the group for you. The fine folks of the pollinator project share important facts about what our native prairie plants could do to mitigate flooding, how important pollinators are to our food supply and much more. Every year they offer up for sale dozens of different species of native plants from the robust Turkey Foot to the late blooming Aromatic Aster and even edible and flowering trees like the Downy Serviceberry. (All fan favorites) Without this groups efforts to get native plants into the hands of the citizenry it isn’t farfetched to say that Muscatine would be a lot worse off. It’s not always obvious or easy for the regular citizen to know what is native to the area, or what’s a cultivar or not, or whether something is going to hurt local wildlife, so having a large selection of safe options to choose from every year is truly world changing.

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