Common Misconception: Land for Food Vs. Land for Energy

Currently Iowa is seeing a large number of solar programs and other renewable energy infrastructure coming into being. Two more cities have adopted the necessarily aggressive climate action plan of net zero carbon by 2050, Iowa City and Cedar Rapids. Our East national grid MISO, (Midcontinent Independent System Operator), has seen more requests for newContinue reading “Common Misconception: Land for Food Vs. Land for Energy”

Energy Efficiency That MPW Recommends

If you go onto Muscatine Power and Water’s website and search for information on energy efficiency you will eventually come to (this page). A huge list of options for residential, industrial or public customers can be found here. Let’s look a little closer at a few of the options that MPW recommends. Energy Efficient WindowsContinue reading “Energy Efficiency That MPW Recommends”

The Choose Green Program

Every citizen under the Muscatine Power & Water umbrella has the choice to be powered with wind and solar instead of coal. At 25, 50, or 100% of your energy supplied with renewables for an additional penny per kilowatt hour, this program is quite affordable. The average household spends another $8/month for the Choose GreenContinue reading “The Choose Green Program”

The Muscatine Pollinator Project

Another banger of a program for Muscatine citizens. If you love pollinators and other bugs, or if you love native flowers and plants, or you have a boring yard that you want to beautify with color and longevity, this is the group for you. The fine folks of the pollinator project share important facts aboutContinue reading “The Muscatine Pollinator Project”

Outdoor Recreation Spotlight: The Bike Trail

The City of Muscatine has more than 10 miles of paved and unpaved trails and walkways, as well as more than 20 parks with a combined 550 acres of land. This boon of outdoor recreation options for citizens offers countless biking or running routes from the Deep Lakes State Park to Weed Park and manyContinue reading “Outdoor Recreation Spotlight: The Bike Trail”

Recycling in Muscatine. Paper, plastic and…leftovers?

The Public Works of Muscatine picks up not only garbage but also recycling at the curb for the convenience of the citizens. Paper, plastics, metals and even glass can be picked up by the city for no additional charges. This single stream recycling system is super helpful for people who don’t like the idea ofContinue reading “Recycling in Muscatine. Paper, plastic and…leftovers?”

Community Solar Projects. Are they the key to reducing energy prices and energy needs?

Adding solar to your home has a lot of barriers. Maybe you don’t own your home. Maybe you own your home but can’t afford the upfront costs that might come with a solar project. To solve the latter, the Midwest Renewable Energy Association offers a Solar Group Buy option. Basically they select an installer throughContinue reading “Community Solar Projects. Are they the key to reducing energy prices and energy needs?”


Clean Air Muscatine is working to improve the environment and thus the lives of the citizens and neighbors of Muscatine, Iowa through the advocacy of common sense moves toward a cleaner, healthier world. We regularly attend the Board of Water, Electric and Communications meetings (Last Tuesdays at 5:30 pm at the MPW headquarters on CedarContinue reading “About”