The Challenges of Fracking

A diagram of the lifecycle of fracked gas.
A diagram of the lifecycle of fracked gas. Image from the Health, Safety, Climate and Economic Risks of Fossil Gas Extraction by the Sierra Club.

5 Reasons To Stop Fracking

Facts gathered by the Department of Energy (DOE), the Office of Fossil Energy and Carbon Management. Researched by the National Petroleum Council and other agencies.

The Government Accountability Office (GAO) notes that because shale development is relatively
new in some areas, “the long-term effects – after operators are to have restored portions of
the land to pre-development conditions – have not been evaluated. Without these data, the
cumulative effects of shale oil and gas development on habitat and wildlife are largely unknown.

The lands that were historically an inland sea are today where we find the greatest reserves of fossil fuels. It took these reserves hundreds of millions of years to form. At the rate we are burning through them, we will extinguish their caches, as well as our futures in less than 200 years. Image from The Rapidian.